Tackling 5 Common Reasons For Radiology Claims Denials in the Realm of Medical Billing and Coding

Radiology claims denials

Radiology Claims Denials: Mastering Solutions in Medical Billing and Coding

The intricate world of medical billing and coding services requires Rev Cycle Leaders to put in all their efforts to maintain precision and accuracy as it plays a pivotal role in collections. In the realm of radiology billing and coding, ensuring smooth claims processing can be a challenging task. The specialty has its own nuances that often require expertise. Let’s take a look at five key reasons why radiology claims often face denials and explore practical solutions to fix these issues.

1. Coding Errors:

One of the primary culprits behind denied radiology claims is coding errors. These errors can range from simple typos to more complex mistakes in selecting the appropriate Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes. For instance, if a radiology report indicates a specific type of imaging modality or a distinct finding, failing to use the corresponding and accurate CPT code can lead to coding errors. Precision is paramount in avoiding these coding errors. Understanding a Radiology report and coding the same to the highest accuracy is done best by certified Coders.

2. Medical Necessity:

Medical necessity is a crucial aspect of Medical billing and coding that can be easily overlooked. Insurance companies require evidence of medical necessity for radiology procedures. The medical records must be clear and should justify the need for the diagnostic imaging, making sure that the procedure aligns with the patient’s symptoms or condition. The catch here is while the physician may deem the procedure necessary the criteria vary with each payer as they can have their own payment policies. Payers may follow their own medical protocol that providers need to keep in mind before submitting claims to the different payers.

3. Prior Authorization:

Radiology procedures have become complex over the years and certain radiological procedures demand prior authorization. Failure to obtain prior authorization for specified procedures can lead to claim denials. For example, high-cost imaging procedures like MRI scans, nuclear medicine, Ultrasonography, and PET scans often require prior Authorization. Staying abreast of different payers’ prior authorization requirements is crucial for a smooth billing process. It is important to remember that prior auth is not required if the same procedures are performed in the ER or other urgent care centers.

4. Eligibility and Benefits Verification:

Overlooking the importance of verifying patient eligibility and benefits can be a costly mistake. Every year insurance plans frequently change, impacting coverage and benefits. A radiology claim might be denied if the patient’s insurance information is outdated or inaccurate. Verifying eligibility and benefits beforehand ensures a seamless medical billing and coding process and minimizes the risk of denials.

5. Documentation Discrepancies:

Beyond the common denial reasons, documentation discrepancies can also contribute to claim denials. Incomplete or inaccurate documentation can lead to misunderstandings about the provided services, raising red flags or compliance audits during the medical billing and coding process. Regular training and communication with referring physicians are essential for maintaining quality documentation. Thorough documentation is essential to prevent claim denials and ensure a smoother billing experience. Having a Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) expert maintain accurate records will help providers avoid denials arising from incomplete documentation.


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