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Accurate Posting & Analytical Decision Making

In the realm of effective medical billing, administrators often highlight coding and clinical documentation as fundamental anchors. However, the significance of payment posting services is sometimes overlooked, perceived simply as a routine process of recording payments. Yet, a proficient payment processing team serves as a critical lens offering invaluable insights into the overall performance of a healthcare organization’s revenue cycle. It acts as a gateway to comprehend revenue patterns, enabling comprehensive analytics for informed decision-making.

At AnnexMed, our team of remittance processing professionals surpasses conventional payment processing roles. They delve deeper, providing comprehensive insights into pivotal areas impacting revenue cycles. They go beyond the basics, uncovering trends and reasons for denials, prior authorizations, and non-covered services. They also assess the quality of clinical documentation and coding processes for a more thorough understanding of revenue cycle dynamics. Moreover, they assess the efficacy of front-end patient collections, offering a holistic perspective on revenue streams.

Payment posting service isn’t merely about data entry; it’s a crucial barometer gauging the health of your revenue cycle. Therefore, entrusting this task to a highly efficient workforce becomes imperative. AnnexMed acknowledges the significance of Payment Posting Services in deciphering the condition of a revenue cycle and dedicates its expertise to managing this process with utmost efficiency. By repeatedly emphasizing the importance of Payment Posting Services, AnnexMed’s team ensures meticulous attention to this pivotal aspect of revenue cycle management. Our professionals go beyond routine transactions, providing comprehensive insights that empower healthcare organizations to optimize revenue streams and foster sustained financial health.

Payment Posting capabilities include:

Multispecialty Billing
& Collections

Well versed
RCM Platforms

Swift Turnaround

Best practices

Service Highlights
  • ERA/EOB posting with balance transfers
  • Patient’s payments posted via cash/cc, etc
  • Timely filing of claims with secondary payers
  • Denials posted – rebilling, write-off, F/up, etc
  • Develop write-off and adjustment policies
  • Payment analysis and generate reports
  • Over 97% accuracy by our delivery team
  • Responsive team working round the clock
  • Guarantee 24-48 hrs. turnaround time
  • We review revenue cycle for improvements
  • Denial Processing and follow-up with payers
  • Dashboard reporting–Process Health Indicators

Achieve Measurable, Proven Results

Costs Reduced


Reduced operational costs
DNFB Reduced



Reduction in DNFB accounts

Improve Productivity


Productivity improvement
Reduction in AR



Reduction in aged A/R
Improved Collections



Achieve net collections
Reduce Denials



Decrease in denial rate

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