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Fast-Track your Claim Reimbursement

Healthcare organizations often grapple with administrative stress caused by outstanding claims and delayed collections. Denials and refusals from insurance companies exacerbate this challenge, amplified by increasingly stringent federal regulations. This mounting pressure necessitates proactive measures in managing denied or appealed claims, highlighting the criticality of enhancing the AR management service process to preempt issues before they escalate.

Are your A/R backlog and AR days falling short of industry benchmarks? Are resources a constraint in managing your accounts receivable effectively? Do your existing processes lead to ineffective write-off policies and closures? If so, outsourcing your AR Management services to AnnexMed emerges as the optimal solution.

AnnexMed stands as your strategic partner, offering comprehensive AR Management Services tailored to address these pressing challenges. We understand the complexities and nuances within accounts receivable, especially in navigating denied claims, resolving discrepancies, and optimizing collections. Our expertise extends to mitigating A/R backlog by streamlining processes and implementing efficient strategies to align with industry best practices. We don’t just manage accounts; we optimize your revenue cycle by ensuring effective closures, minimizing write-offs, and enhancing overall collections.

Outsourcing AR Management Services to AnnexMed empowers your organization to tackle receivables effectively, ensuring improved collections and streamlined processes. By entrusting us with your accounts receivable, healthcare organizations benefit from our proficiency in resolving issues promptly and proactively, fostering financial stability and operational efficiency.

AR Management capabilities include:

Expertise in Physician
and Hospital A/R

A/R Follow-up

Best practices

Appeal Calling

Service Highlights
  • A/R strategies by payer mix, $ value, TFL, etc
  • Continuous follow-up with insurance companies
  • Initiate claim actions-rebilling, filing appeals, etc
  • Write-off or adjustment policies documented
  • Proprietary A/R workflow management system
  • A/R KPI metrics reviewed periodically
  • Higher collections by 7% / lower AR days by 20%
  • Onshore/offshore work collaboration
  • A/R Productivity surpasses industry benchmarks
  • SQC is followed across all our clients
  • Web-based reporting for work transparency
  • Reduced cost related to A/R follow-ups by 30%

Achieve Measurable, Proven Results

Costs Reduced


Reduced operational costs
DNFB Reduced



Reduction in DNFB accounts

Improve Productivity


Productivity improvement
Reduction in AR



Reduction in aged A/R
Improved Collections



Achieve net collections
Reduce Denials



Decrease in denial rate

17 +
Years of Experience
40 +
Specialties Served
value customers users viewer
99.1 %
Client Retention

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