Full RCM Services

Full Revenue Cycle Services is a winning strategy for transforming
your healthcare business into a long-term, high-performing engine

Improve your Revenue Cycle Bottom line

According to the healthcare industry, the cost of Revenue Cycle Management Services must connect with the outcome of insurance collections. Physician practices, hospitals, and third-party service providers increasingly demand advanced levels of business intelligence to swiftly identify and address immediate business concerns while forecasting and averting future impacts on revenue streams. AnnexMed stands as a beacon of deep-domain expertise, offering comprehensive solutions in billing, collection, resolution, and AR management tailored to meet our clients’ evolving needs.

In today’s volatile healthcare landscape, dwindling margins, escalating write-offs, and resource deficiencies significantly contribute to poor financial performance. Enhancing revenue cycle management has become not just a necessity but a strategic business imperative, with speed and sustainable long-term outcomes as pivotal elements. AnnexMed’s holistic approach to Revenue Cycle Management Services aligns with this urgent need, leveraging industry best practices, cutting-edge technology, and ongoing education initiatives.

Our suite of Revenue cycle management Services represents just one facet of the array of revenue cycle solutions we provide. By embracing best practices and harnessing the power of technology, AnnexMed’s comprehensive RCM Services bolster organizational cash flow while ensuring sustained and enduring results.

With a keen focus on optimizing revenue cycle management services, AnnexMed collaborates closely with clients to implement tailored strategies that enhance operational efficiency, streamline processes, and fortify financial stability. Our commitment extends beyond immediate improvements; we work tirelessly to ensure lasting and impactful transformations in revenue cycle management.

Full RCM capabilities include:

Multispecialty Billing
& Collections

Well versed
RCM Platforms

Practice Review
& Reporting


Service Highlights
  • EV, submission of claims within 24-48 hrs
  • Rejections are reviewed and fixed promptly
  • ERA/EOB posting with balance transfers
  • Denials posted – rebilling, write-off, F/up, etc
  • A/R strategies by payer mix, $ value, TFL, etc
  • Dashboard reports – billing, AR, & collections
  • 24/7 Customer service from our billing experts
  • Personalized Attention by our Billing experts
  • KPI Metrics-<3% Denial rate, 99% First-pass rate
  • >96% collection rate and 35-40 AR days
  • SQC is performed for all our processes
  • Real-time dashboard reports and status updates

Achieve Measurable, Proven Results

Costs Reduced


Reduced operational costs
DNFB Reduced



Reduction in DNFB accounts

Improve Productivity


Productivity improvement
Reduction in AR



Reduction in aged A/R
Improved Collections



Achieve net collections
Reduce Denials



Decrease in denial rate

17 +
Years of Experience
40 +
Specialties Served
value customers users viewer
99.1 %
Client Retention

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