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Coding Denial Management

Monitoring payor-specific denial trends and implementation of an effective denial management program will increase your cash flow

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Identify, Correct, and Prevent Future Coding Denials

Denial management is crucial to maintaining a healthy cash flow and managing the revenue cycle successfully. Inadequately handling insurer denials results in revenue loss for your medical practice. Denials are a concern not only because they result in revenue loss, but also because evaluating denied claims and reviewing coding and documentation, as well as payer-specific requirements for coding adjustments and claim resubmissions, takes time and effort.

AnnexMed works on coding denials using a systemic approach and a cost-effective solution to ensure that the denials are resolved fast so that payment can be received. Our certified coders will review the claims and EOB to determine the reason for the denial and provide a more effective denial resolution. Our coding denial team is dedicated to helping you enhance your coding-related denial management process to boost cash flow and revenues while also implementing strategies to lower your future denial rate.

AnnexMed’s coding denial management strategy includes a highly successful workflow and process that includes certified coding professionals with extensive experience in multiple coding specialties and familiarity with a variety of clinical practice systems. By outsourcing your denial management to AnnexMed, you can maximize your ability to collect unpaid claims and recover lost reimbursements.

Coding Denial Management capabilities include:

Hospital Coding
Denial Management

Physician Coding
Denial Management

Service Highlights
  • AAPC or AHIMA Certified Coders
  • Better denial resolution
  • Multi-Specialty Coding Experts
  • HIPAA compliant service
  • Avoid future denials
  • Increase cash flow
  • Reduce lost revenue
  • Clean claim submission


Certified Coders


Minimum Cost Reduction


Higher Coding Accuracy