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Business Process Outsourcing has become a key management practice in healthcare. Outsourcing partnerships strengthen the financial health of an organization by offering cost-cutting measures and improved KPI metrics as a result of the people, process and technology foundation.

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Begin with Great Partnership

When you are partnered with AnnexMed, you have the resources you need to
ensure the financial health of your organization. Potentially it improves your
revenue, streamlines administrative tasks and the overall patient care

Setting the Bar High
Global Reach, Scalable Solutions

AnnexMed offers the support you need to reach your financial goals. With our
dedicated focus on healthcare, we've concentrated on operational excellence through
people, process and technology with a managed model approach to enhance client satisfaction.



As healthcare evolves, so should the way you manage your healthcare business. AnnexMed has a proven track record for helping organizations meet their financial goals. Our scalable solution combined with years of experience and advanced technology is designed to deliver world-class business solutions to the healthcare community.

Coding and HIM Solution

Coding and HIM Solutions

For hospitals and physician practices, two objectives matter most when it comes to billing…

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Revenue Cycle Management

AnnexMed is a leading provider of Revenue Cycle Management services empowering healthcare…

Patient Contact Services in India

Patient Contact Services

Today’s patients have more educational resources available to them than ever before…

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Healthcare Payer Solutions

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It’s a partnership. Together, we can
make a difference.

In today’s highly competitive, unpredictable, and dynamic marketplace, organizations are challenged to increase productivity and enhance organizational performance. More than ever, healthcare organizations need a business partner who can help them grow revenue through cost optimization. AnnexMed offers a complete portfolio of integrated healthcare solutions tailored to fit your organizational needs: Results.

Bringing together people, process and technology
We enable healthcare companies to balance costs, deliver superior customer experience, and improve process efficiencies to outperform business challenges. We offer end-to-end service delivery and flexible delivery formats through our global delivery centers.
Years of Experience
Specialties Served
Client Retention
Improve Financial Performance

Optimizing business processes and performance to achieve and preserve revenue objectives..Read More

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Measurable, Proven Results

Delivering consistent results for customers who demand high quality and reliability..Read More


Capture value beyond
cost savings

AnnexMed offers clients a value-driven approach to BPO, which means that we provide services well beyond lowering costs. We inject innovative, market-shaping industry insights that elevate our clients’ performance A wide range of service offerings has made it easy for AnnexMed to provide end-to-end services in the healthcare industry.

We provide business process services that transform our clients’ businesses and deliver higher levels of performance and results, as well as lower costs.

medical billing companies in India
medical billing services in India

A Solid foundation with the
flexibility you need

Powered by a unique combination of people, processes, and technology, AnnexMed combines unparalleled subject matter expertise and innovative workflows to deliver the best possible outcomes. By leveraging our expertise, our clients reduce their operating and capital costs, recover more revenue, improve patient satisfaction, and ultimately enhance their clinical performance.

Our platforms are designed to address the wide array of healthcare service challenges that plague the health care industry today.


Unlock your

With our unique culture and opportunities, our organization is a place where you can grow. Wherever you are in your career, we help you to make a difference every day.

Our integrated and consistent talent management drives our performance culture, and supports your working with Speed and Spirit from day one. We're constantly driving your talent with the necessary tools to push your potential to the next level.

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What our customers are saying

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AnnexMed’s team has been helping me for the last 8 years with all of our billing needs. The day-to-day customer service is incredible, helping to navigate the maze of billing regulations painlessly. I can also attest to the integrity of the business, and would highly recommend AnnexMed Billing to any billing company.

Vice President
HIM solutions

AnnexMed is a reliable billing company with utmost responsive staff and its always been a pleasure to work with them. Previously, when billing functions were performed in-house, we were losing thousands of dollars every month due to incompetent billing services and our cost of collections was far too high.

Vice President
HIM solutions

I am much satisfied with AnnexMed team’s work. You were kind and prompt to come in and streamline a sad situation and give me information on where I stood. I have been very happy since from I have switched my billing services to AnnexMed. The billing has been done in a timely manner and excellent collections.

HIM solutions

AnnexMed’s team has been helping me for the last 8 years with all of our billing needs. The day-to-day customer service is incredible, helping to navigate the maze of billing regulations painlessly. I can also attest to the integrity of the business, and would highly recommend AnnexMed Billing to any billing company.

Vice President

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When you choose AnnexMed as your collection partner, you're teaming up with a company ready to focus all its experience, expertise, and technological capabilities to help you take your business to the next level of performance, innovation, and service.
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Proven and Measurable Results
To be successful in healthcare requires optimizing business processes and performance to achieve revenue objectives. We won’t partner with you if we can’t help you achieve real, measurable results.
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Flexible Delivery Models
With our global reach, we can strike the right balance of onshore and offshore locations to cater to your outsourcing needs.
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Competitive Pricing
AM tailors its pricing to the needs of its clients. Our focus is not just on reducing the costs, but increasing their revenue.


Healthcare is facing unprecedented challenges during COVID-19 and we can help mitigate revenue, staffing fluctuations.

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