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Our certified healthcare professionals provide unparalleled
expertise and proven solutions across the revenue cycle.
About us

Solutions for Optimum Performance

We provide services across the whole healthcare spectrum; from the moment a patient arrives for treatment until the time the insurance company settles the claim.

We are committed to your success, and our plan incorporates experienced resources to guarantee that your company gets off to a great start and reaps the most benefits.

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About us

Success starts with our people

AnnexMed is a leading provider of Revenue Cycle Management and Healthcare Payer Services.

For the past 20 years, we have remained true to our core principles. At AnnexMed, we adhere to our core values and provide unparalleled services to our customers. Our company is built on moral ideals rather than profit-making objectives. We aren’t here just to survive; we aspire for perfection. We are committed to providing our clients with the most up-to-date tools, technology, and knowledge to help them achieve their maximum potential in the healthcare industry.

We’ve helped customers increase their flexibility, scalability, and financial health since 2004 using our knowledge and cutting-edge technology. Our healthcare experts have a long history of success and have a proven track record of delivering superior results.

Partner with us and see our outcomes-based strategy in action, where we aim for the best deliverables: achieving critical milestones while offering the best possible service.

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A Solid Foundation With the Flexibility You Need

AnnexMed is a leading provider of Revenue Cycle Management and Healthcare Payer Services.For over 18 years, we have stayed faithful to our fundamental values. AnnexMed believes in principles and upholds them while providing unmatched services to our clients. When the firm was incorporated, a strong foundation was formed by fostering moral principles rather than profit-making goals. We aimed for perfection rather than just survival. Having years of experience and education in the healthcare sector, we are devoted to providing our clients with all the prominent tools, technology, and expertise to assist their organization reach its full potential.Since 2004, our expertise and cutting-edge technology have assisted customers in the health care business in achieving more agility, scalability, and financial health. Our healthcare experts have years of domain experience and a proven track record of enhanced performance and high-quality outcomes.A partnership with AnnexMed is the essence of an outcomes-based strategy in which we set goals to meet vital milestones while providing the best quality of service.

Achieve Measurable, Proven Results

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Reduced operational costs
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Reduction in DNFB accounts

Improve Productivity


Productivity improvement
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Reduction in aged A/R
Improved Collections



Achieve net collections
Reduce Denials



Decrease in denial rate

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