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Denial Management Services

Do you know over 90% of Denials are preventable? Find the root cause, fix the problems, and get paid. Preventing denials is our priority

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Reduce Denials through Analytics

Denial management is an essential component of maintaining a healthy cash flow and a successful revenue cycle management. Claim denials can occur as a result of various processes within the revenue cycle chain. Denied claims and lost revenue ought to be a major concern for healthcare organizations. Our claims denial management process provides an understanding of the claim’s issues also an opportunity to resolve the issues.

To thrive, a healthcare organization must address front-end process issues continuously to avoid future denials. Use AnnexMed’ s best practices and tried-and-true methodology to improve your revenue cycle management, including the denial management process. Learn why claims are denied and how to avoid future denials and get paid faster with our insights. AnnexMed follows a strict systematic approach with clearly defined best practices, and so, this maximizes the results and improves and streamlines collection processes.

Denial Management capabilities include:

Faster Turnaround

Fix Coding


Medical Necessity




A/R Follow-up

Service Highlights
  • Denied claims examined for reasons with POA
  • Resubmission of corrected claims
  • File appeals with/without documentation
  • RCA done to trend denials by payer, etc
  • Front-end claim corrections to reduce denials
  • Prevent future denials with our best practices
  • 25% reduction in AR days/ 8% higher collections
  • Drive denial rates below 4% industry practices
  • 24- 48 hrs. quick turnaround time
  • Measure success via denial trending/ AR reports
  • Fixing and preventing claim denials is our priority
  • Dashboard reporting – Denial analytics


Patient Collections

Increase in patient collections


Collection Rate

Collected more than 96% of reimbursement claim dollar 


AR Days Reduced

Average 20% reduction in AR days