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The future of health care relies on the greatest minds and biggest hearts. We hire people who wow us with their intelligence and their leadership. We provide them the freedom and support they need to solve challenges and propel the company forward.

Nine to five shouldn’t be the worst part of your day

During our working years, we will encounter almost 2,000 Mondays. There are chances for days to get into a bad vibe, and many of them will be, but this does not happen with AnnexMed employees. At AnnexMed, we have meaningful jobs that match our abilities and interests in a growing, expanding company. We work not only to pay our bills, but we also like what we do. We feel good about what we have achieved at the end of the week, not just pleased that it is finally Friday and we, at last, made it through.

You could be the one we are looking for if you share our goal of pushing boundaries, responding with compassion, and working with absolute honesty. Apply to AnnexMed – discover a world of possibilities.

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  • People are always first, last, and foremost
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  • Developing you makes us better
  • Don’t accept complacency

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Current Openings

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#DepartmentDesignationOpeningCityCountryApply Now
1Client SuccessVice President1UtahUSA Click Here
2Medical CodingVice President1ChennaiIndia Click Here
3Medical CodingSenior Manager1ChennaiIndia Click Here
4Medical CodingManager2ChennaiIndia Click Here
5Medical CodingHCC Coders30ChennaiIndia Click Here
6Medical CodingCoders112ChennaiIndia Click Here
7Medical BillingSenior Manager2ChennaiIndia Click Here
8Medical BillingManager6ChennaiIndia Click Here
9Medical BillingAsst Manager2ChennaiIndia Click Here
10Medical BillingTeam Leader4ChennaiIndia Click Here
11Medical BillingAR - Callers60ChennaiIndia Click Here
12Medical BillingAR - Analyst6ChennaiIndia Click Here
13Human ResourcesVice President1ChennaiIndia Click Here
14Human ResourcesAsst General Manager1ChennaiIndia Click Here
15Human ResourcesSenior Manager1ChennaiIndia Click Here
16Human ResourcesManager1ChennaiIndia Click Here
17FinanceAsst General Manager1ChennaiIndia Click Here
18Transition (TMO)Manager1ChennaiIndia Click Here

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