As healthcare evolves, so should the way you manage your healthcare business. At AnnexMed, we have a proven track record of partnering with companies to meet their individual needs and business objectives. We combine our years of experience and advanced technology with scalability and some of the brightest minds in the industry to provide you with healthcare business solutions that can meet all of your needs.

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For hospitals and physician practices, two objectives matter most…  Read More

AnnexMed is a leading provider of Revenue Cycle Management Services…  Read More

AnnexMed is a leading provider of Revenue Cycle Management Services…  Read More

Analytics services gives you deeper visibility into your organization than…  Read More

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Efficient revenue cycle management is the key to ensuring your healthcare organization’s financial success; and this is our primary objective. Our team leverages their expertise within the industry and utilizes proprietary technology to improve reimbursement by reducing aged A/R and streamlining workflows. We offer a wide range of cost effective solutions that preserve your organization’s culture and brand. By being an extension of your team, we ensure you are taking the right path to managing your accounts receivable.

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We utilize our collective knowledge of payers regulations  and guidelines to reduce outstanding receivables for healthcare organizations of any size, scope and specialty. Our team efficiently collects the dollars while simultaneously  working on the high volume of accounts as well.


Every Speciality..

We combine our years of experience and advanced technology with  scalability and some of the brightest minds in the industry to provide you with receivables management services that can meet all of your needs. We use a multi-directional approach that includes the best practices in operations and process, analytics and technology to craft..  Read More

Are you harnessing the power of analytical insights to make conversant decisions?

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AnnexMed utilizes data in meaningful ways to bring our customers smarter and more effective analytics. Our solutions help payers, providers, and employers work together to shape the new currency of health and improve the healthcare landscape. Data aggregation, analysis, and targeted application is the key to enabling the desired outcomes and economics within this new healthcare paradigm. AnnexMed caters to this need with an unparalleled platform to empower the healthcare transformation.

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AnnexMed’s processes converge technology, data, and analytics while our solutions incorporate a unique element: expert clinical review that drives increased accuracy of claims payment.


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As healthcare adapts to an aging demographic, new payment models, and the rising cost of care, our clients face increasingly complex, clinical and financial risk. More than ever, healthcare organizations need a business partner that can help them improve access management, accelerate cash collections, and accelerate payer performance. Our solutions provide healthcare organizations with innovative tools that enable the organization to track, manage, and automate revenue cycle services… Read More

Accessible, affordable, web-based practice management software and apps -

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AnnexMed’s practice management system is designed to support the clinical and financial productivity of your practice. Our web and mobile applications help you manage patient payments and avoid the complexity and frustrations that come with insurance billings.

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We have all the tools for you to perform billing, scheduling and collections while efficiently managing your practice in a productive manner.

Bringing Together People, Process and Technology..

Operational efficiency requires an approach that optimizes the relationships between people, process & technology. By focusing only on few areas, an imbalance is created but, when you work with AnnexMed, you are working with a proven industry model and a unique approach. This methodology combines our people, process, and technology to improve operational efficiencies, retain customers, reduce expenses and intensify collections… Read More


Unleash your practice’s true revenue potential with MedCubics – easy to learn, simple to use, yet sophisticated enough to meet today’s complex billing.


AnnexMed has signed a client agreement with an INC 5000 company based in California that is a leader in medical billing services. Click above to read more.


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AnnexMed can act as an extension to medical billing service providers to help reduce operating costs and maximise profits.


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