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Coding Audits

Medical coding audits will mitigate coding compliance risk and prevent missed revenue opportunities

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Regular Audits to maintain High Compliance Standards

Regular coding audits are normally performed as part of a healthcare facility or provider’s internal compliance plan, and they normally consist of a random or focused audit sampling of data over a set period, usually once a year. While compliance plan-driven audits are helpful, healthcare institutions and providers should not presume that additional audits aren’t necessary or valuable.

AnnexMed offers comprehensive audits to all service types and specialties for healthcare settings to reduce the coding compliance risk, coding-related denials and to avoid missed revenue opportunities. An audit sample selection will be focused on areas that pose risk, and identify opportunities that impact revenue and quality. Our auditing method is distinct in that it includes a more comprehensive examination of both coding and CDI processes.

Our team of credentialed audit experts helps healthcare organizations to mitigate risk and achieve compliance with in-depth assessments, reporting, and training. Our expert audit team stays up-to-date on the regulatory changes so we can help you stay in regulatory compliance to mitigate risk. We perform comprehensive coding reviews and charge capture audits to identity any under and overbilling of services to improve overall billing accuracy and integrity.

Additionally, our audit reports can be customized to meet the specific needs of each client, with detailed reports used to identify error trends and to support results-driven coding staff education. To discover and convey performance improvement possibilities, we will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your coding, documentation, billing, and reimbursement practices.

Coding Audits capabilities include:

Hospital Coding

Physician Specialty
Coding Audits



Service Highlights

  • Credentialed Auditors
  • Comprehensive audit reports
  • Compliant Coding Practices
  • Education and Training
  • Reduce coding compliance risk
  • Prevent missed revenue opportunities
  • Avoid payment recoupment from external audits
  • Identify areas to improve clinical documentation


Certified Coders


Minimum Cost Reduction


Higher Coding Accuracy