Patient Access Services

Patient Access Services

Before patient care, it’s important to start laying the foundation for a payable claim

Appointment Scheduling

Centralized appointment scheduling to handle scheduling, rescheduling and canceling appointments to reduce no-show rates.

 Understand the billing requirements and manage appointments accordingly to reduce denials and unpaid claims.

Eligibility & Benefits

 Verify coverage on all primary and secondary using WebMD, payer websites and phone calls to payers.

 Gather information on deductibles, co-pays, out-of-pocket maximums and benefit limitations of specialties accordingly.

Patient Follow-up

 Handle patient calls with questions about their statements, making courtesy follow up on their outstanding balance.

 Follow-up calls with patients via a dedicated phone line.

Patient Registration

 Handle registration of new patient with accurate and complete patient demographic and insurance details, etc.

 Follow up with the patient on obtaining the accurate information and notify patients on COB requirements.

Referrals and Authorization

 Identify requirements of Referrals and Authorization and notify the provider prior to the appointment.

 Co-ordinate with the provider and initiate the request through phone calls or online forms. Follow up though approval.

Patient Notification

 Notify patients on no coverage or out of network provider which could result in Self-pay and reduce denials.

 Share information on patient’s Co-pay, co-insurance rate, and remaining deductible and reduce bad debts.

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