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Eligibility Verification Services

Reduce billing errors and claim denials, improve patient experience, and optimize collections

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Reduce Coverage Errors and Rejections

Eligibility and insurance verification are critical to guarantee accurate and timely receipt of insurance coverage information. If required checks and balances are not in place, a healthcare organization could be wasting money. Due to ineffective eligibility and benefits verification and/or prior authorization processes, late payments and rejections can occur, leading in decreased collections and revenues.

Determining the patient’s eligibility quickly and accurately on the front-end gives’ healthcare providers a clear picture of the patient’s coverage, out-of-network benefits, and payment obligation/responsibility. AnnexMed has extensive experience in working with both government insurance and commercial insurance companies such as BCBS, UHC, Aetna, and GHI. We provide customized eligibility verification services for all medical specialties and practices of all sizes. Our Eligibility verification processes assist healthcare providers in submitting error-free claims, increasing upfront collections, and improving patient satisfaction.

Eligibility Verification capabilities include:

Real time
Eligibility Results

work flow

Dental Benefits

Telemedicine Eligibility




Accurate &
Timely Reporting

Service Highlights
  • Workflow via scheduling system, emails, etc
  • Verifying coverage on all payer types
  • Efficient use of communication channels
  • Resolving any missing or invalid data
  • Determination of Authorization requirements
  • Prepare and submit documentation to Payer
  • Cash flow optimization
  • Reduce operational costs by 45%
  • Team of Experts/Professionals
  • Increased Self-Pay Revenue
  • Decreased claim rejections and Bad debt
  • Improved patient satisfaction


Patient Collections

Increase in patient collections


Collection Rate

Collected more than 96% of reimbursement claim dollar 


AR Days Reduced

Average 20% reduction in AR days