Medical Coding Offers Stable And Lucrative Career

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Planning to pursue a career in Medical Coding? We at Annexmed are all set to help you & guide you in your medical coding career.

What is Medical Coding:

The medical coding professionals responsibility is to review the patient’s medical records written by the healthcare professionals and translate the diagnosed disease/medical condition into ICD-10 CM codes and the medical services (office or hospital visits/diagnostic or therapeutic procedures/supplies) rendered to treat the diagnosed disease/medical condition into appropriate CPT/PCS/HCPCS Level II codes by applying the coding conventions and guidelines to get reimbursement from the medical insurance.

Who’s Eligible:

Para Medicals and Life Science graduates are the most prospective graduates who choose Medical Coding as a career.

Paramedical graduates – It is easier for people with a Para Medical background to adapt to the medical coding work environment. They already come with exposure to anatomy, pathophysiology, and basics of clinical conditions, diagnostic tests, and therapeutic study. So, the training requirement in basics will be “Minimal”. After completing basic anatomy, pathophysiology, and medical terminology training, they will be trained in ICD-10 CM and CPT/PCS/HCPCS-II.

Life science graduates – Candidates with a life science background may require “Moderate” training on anatomy, pathophysiology, and basics of clinical conditions, diagnostic tests, and therapeutic options before the ICD-10 CM and CPT/PCS/HCPCS-II Training.

Non-Life Science graduate – Medical coding is not restricted to life science graduates. Even a non-life science graduate can make medical coding their career choice. All they require is “Extensive” training session training on anatomy, pathophysiology, and basics of clinical conditions, diagnostic tests, and therapeutic options before they undergo ICD-10 CM and CPT/PCS/HCPCS-II Training.

Medical Coding Training:

You may kick start your career as a Medical coder within just a few months of training.

The Ideal duration to cover the basic medical coding training would be 45 to 60 days which includes the following topics:

  • Basics of US Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management
  • Basic overview of Payment Methodologies
  • Anatomy, pathophysiology, and medical terminologies
  • ICD-10 CM Coding Guidelines
  • CPT and HCPCS II Coding Guidelines
  • Modifier usage Guidelines
  • Coding Software/Tool Navigation

Medical Coding Certification:

Possessing a coding certificate from AAPC / AHIMA (e.g., CPC/COC/CCS) would be an added advantage. To obtain a certification, the coder must undergo extensive coding training based on the type of certification they wanted to pursue.

Medical Coding Career and Salary:

After your training/certification in coding, you would easily secure an entry-level position. Most of the coders work in 8 to 5 office shift hours, and their role is to abstract the data from patient medical records and translate it into codes by using the coding reference books and tools.

After gaining experience as a medical coding specialist, you have a chance to be designated as Quality Analyst/Supervisor/Manager/Director of the Medical coding team based on your technical and leadership skillsets. Once you become an experienced coding professional, learning multi-speciality coding will be an extra attribute in place of a single speciality coding experience.

On average, a multispecialty coding professional with 3-year experienced can earn 30k to 35K per month.

Medical Coding Jobs in a Fast-Paced Healthcare Industry:

In the fast-paced healthcare industry, medical coders play a key role in revenue cycle management. Medical coding specialists are in high demand in various health care companies. With intense training at Annexmed, we are sure to turn you out to be the most sought-after medical coding specialist in the industry.

There is always a rise in demand for medical coding specialists every year, giving you a better chance of being placed in a good company. Some companies offer work from home opportunity wherein all you need is a computer and good internet connectivity.

It’s never been too late to make the right career move. We believe pursuing medical coding training is one of the best options for anyone looking forward to work in the healthcare industry.

Ready to become a Medical Coder:

For people who seek “quality” training in medical coding, kindly contact Annexmed. We provide basic Medical coding training as well as training to obtain Medical coding certification. To start your dream career in Medical coding, kindly visit Annexmed and learn more about our dynamic coding training program.

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