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AnnexMed, a leading provider in revenue cycle management offers affordable, creative and innovative solutions. We blend proven traditional processes with current technological advancements to optimize revenue cycle performance. Our capabilities across the revenue cycle, payer and provider entities create a distinctive opportunity for us to develop new processes, integration, and efficiencies across the continuum.

Our industry-established reputation for superior quality and a proven infrastructure for recruiting and training skilled revenue cycle associates has enabled us to employ some of the most highly skilled employees in the industry. We believe in creating solutions based on our people, processes and technology that enables our clients to embrace the constant evolution within the healthcare marketplace.  Our rapid growth is proof that a partnership with AnnexMed provides a strategic opportunity to improve performance and exceed organizational goals.

The AnnexMed approach-proven solutions customized to fit your needs

Our experienced revenue cycle experts have a passion for delivering customized solutions to overcome any revenue cycle challenge. AnnexMed is a leading provider of process transformation solutions. We bring a unique approach to the health care industry by leveraging digital and design thinking methodologies to better understand and improve every aspect of our client’s business.

Our process transformation services bring about a new way of thinking while delivering traditional services that adapt to the consistently evolving expectations of customers in this digital era.

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AnnexMed’s revenue cycle improvement solutions cover the entire spectrum of the revenue cycle process from scheduling to full adjudication of the AR. We operate solely in the healthcare space with clients that range from large health systems, large academic medical centers and physician practices, to major insurers and payers. Our scope of services, range of expertise, and commitment to operational excellence is demonstrated daily in the work we perform.

Our line of services include registration, medical management, charge capture and data entry, medical coding, claims submission, insurance follow up, denials management, scheduling, pre-registration and pre-certification, insurance verification, financial counseling, CDI and code audit.

Our management model ensures that there are clearly defined lines of accountability and reporting between our key staff members and our client’s leadership team. With 20+ years of experience, AnnexMed understands that a strong client relationship ultimately leads to a solid client engagement.

We consider our clients as partners and we value their feedback. AnnexMed encourages open, and regular communication at all levels. We work with our clients to develop and continuously improve the most effective solution based on their unique need.

We work closely with our partners to define and agree upon a communication plan and management program that is best suited to the specific need of the organization. Our objective is to design a structure that provides the framework for successful governance, along with the flexibility to adapt to this ever-changing industry.

A Track Record of Performance with Personalized Service

We believe that strong client relationship is a must have in the revenue cycle management business. Our clients have learned to expect personal, relationship-driven service as our hallmark while relying upon our strong understanding of medical billing, healthcare practice management, the insurance industry, and the latest regulations.

In addition to providing expert support, we seek to optimize our clients’ revenue cycle through continuous process improvements and improved technologies – all meant to enhance your bottom line.  With a team of skilled and experienced medical billing staff we are committed to providing personal and results oriented services to our clients.

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