AnnexMed’s high-quality integrated software services provide your practice the much-needed operational support during this pandemic. Our flexible services can deliver the revenue cycle support you require – when and where you need it – during this critical phase. And, our extensive medical billing and coding services will facilitate your focus on patient care while efficiently running your practice.

Software with RCM Services

At AnnexMed, proprietary software and revenue cycle management systems facilitate efficient medical billing and coding services – integral elements of modern healthcare. Transform your practice into a smart business by shifting to an automated billing process that is highly advantageous for your practice’s day-to-day operations.

Our billing services and in-house software work in tandem to streamline workflow, thereby maximizing performance, cash flow, and in turn client satisfaction. Moreover, these smart tools drastically reduce the margin of error, pointing out inconsistencies that can hinder smooth billing and claim processing, and your subsequent payouts. With guaranteed data accuracy and security, our dependable software helps keep track of patient records Claims and Statements while allowing for easy access to patient data whenever necessary.

Tailored customization and optimization can be implemented promptly to suit your practice’s exclusive requirements. With our specialized teams overseeing these critical components, now focus primarily on patient care rather than being caught up in endless paperwork.

Practice Performance Analysis

Experience what our expert billing services can do for your practice. AnnexMed can help save your practice from suffering huge losses due to poor billing. Our adept team will analyze in detail your practice’s performance and provide key reports and analytics on its financial performance. We identify the strong performance areas and those that are performing with insufficiency – especially the ones responsible for a significant decrease in your cash flow.

We provide you with accurate information regarding your denied claims and lost revenue. Our detailed statistical reports will give you an overall picture of performance, drawing comparisons between reasons for lost claims, and income, and predicting future profitable opportunities for your facility. We offer your practice a proactive approach to ensure improved and enhanced returns.

Old Account Receivables

Are you looking for your practice to improve collections, reduce claim denials and enhance cash flow?

Our dedicated Account Receivables (AR) team at AnnexMed will take over your old AR (above 90 days old), conduct an initial evaluation, analyze and prioritize them as well as ascertain coding and billing errors that have occurred while filing the claims. A follow-up with the insurance companies to reopen, appeal and resolve denied claims will then ensue, with particular focus on collection of overdue payments. Our precise evaluations will also suggest foolproof methods to eliminate delays in receiving maximum reimbursement from insurance providers. Our report will also help you identify the areas of improvement on your current billing practices.

Coding Backlog

Without accurate coding your claims remain uncertain resulting in your practice enduring a massive loss of revenue. Let AnnexMed take over your overdue coding, help clear your coding backlog, reduce claim denials and accelerate your cash flow thereby bringing your revenue cycle back on track.

Our highly trained certified coders help fulfill your coding requirements, ensuring accurate claims and prompt payments – all at cost effective rates. With a zero-coding backlog, have no worries about delayed billing coding errors and failed claims.

Temporary Billing Services

We understand your urgent need, more so now, for medical billing services. With the colossal shortfall of manpower in medical facilities presently, we at AnnexMed empathize with you as we experience this pandemic together. Let us help you through these challenging times. Allow us to take responsibility for managing all your current billing requirements. We can make every step of this crucial process easier for you.

Our high standards and professionalism are sure to be an invaluable asset to your facility. Our competent teams work diligently to provide you with the expertise, guidance and recommendations for your practice to run efficiently especially during this time of need.