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I am much satisfied with AnnexMed team’s work. You were kind and prompt to come in and streamline a sad situation and give me information on where I stood. I have been very happy since from I have switched my billing services to AnnexMed. The billing has been done in a timely manner and the collections have been excellent. I must say that they are one of the best professional companies that I have done business with. You have helped me to take my revenue to the next level and expand my client list.

Billing Company – CO,

AnnexMed’s team has been helping me for the last 8 years with all of our billing needs. The day-to-day customer service is incredible, helping to navigate the maze of billing regulations painlessly. I can also attest to the integrity of the business, and would highly recommend AnnexMed Billing to any billing company for a safe and efficient medical billing service.

Billing Company – FL,
Vice President

AnnexMed is a reliable billing company with utmost responsive staff and its always been a pleasure to work with them. Previously, when billing functions were performed in-house, we were losing thousands of dollars every month due to incompetent billing services and our cost of collections was far too high. But, AnnexMed turned our billing around in the first few months after we hired them and I truly vouch for any physician to avail their billing services.

Cardiologist – NJ,
Vice President