Comprehensive and integrated healthcare solutions for health systems, hospitals, physician practices, dental groups, and payers.


At AnnexMed, we are passionate about developing customized solutions that positively impact your bottom line. We understand that each practice/company has a unique set of challenges they face. We work with your team to ensure we thoroughly understand your business model to provide you the best possible solution to improve your office’s efficiency. Let us help you surpass the usual limits by providing resources who can work with your team to create a healthcare legacy that will last a lifetime, and beyond.

Our team is bound together by unparalleled expertise in strategic planning, organizational alignment, and operations management, a superior knowledge of process and analytics, and an unrelenting commitment to provide each and every client with meaningful results.

Solutions for all types of Practices and Healthcare Groups

As a healthcare solutions company, we strive to provide metric-driven business enhancements utilizing best practices and benchmarks to enrich the patient experience and to maximize your organization’s profitability. We believe that taking best practices across all business platforms provides a unique, progressive approach to your success.

We promise to provide you with a journey to success that is pleasant, efficient, innovative, sustainable, measurable and personalized for your business needs. We do this by combining proven financial strategies, quality initiatives, process improvement, information technology and the human experience.

Cost effective services designed to help managing your practice easier than ever


AnnexMed has specialty-specific experience your medical practice needs to help improve overall financial performance. We also help your practice to improve medical coding, compliance, contract management, denial management, self-pay, and insurance follow-up, with access to timely reporting to better manage your AR.

Revenue Cycle Management

Our full spectrum approach to physician revenue cycle allows AnnexMed to become an integrated part of your organization. Our deep industry knowledge maximizes cash flow and delivers exceptional results.

Clinical Revenue Integrity

We offer inpatient and outpatient coding services for every major specialty and validation of new codes. We help to improve the efficiency of your revenue cycle while maintaining coding accuracy.

Credentialing Services

Credentialing or enrolling with government and commercial payers is one of the more challenging aspects of running and/or starting a medical practice. We offer credentialing services in all 50 states.

Solutions for Dental Practices and Groups

We will help you strengthen your patient relationships, redirect staff to improve productivity, and increase profitability, all while providing consistent and reliable dental billing services that help you maintain control of your accounts receivable. Our services will allow you to spend more time with your patients, and less time on time-consuming paperwork.

We seek to obtain for our offices the full and fair financial reimbursement, to which they are legally entitled, for services provided to patients. We do this at all times with the highest levels of integrity, compliance and ethical values. This allows our dentists to concentrate fully on quality of care, which will ultimately increase patient flow and practice revenues. Regardless of your location, we deliver professional, accurate and reliable services to all our clients.


AnnexMed offers a full spectrum of services for dental practices, ranging from credentialing to insurance billing and everything in between. You will receive customized support from an experienced professional who will work on your insurance accounts receivable each day, even if you’re away from the office. You can rest assured knowing your dental billing is in the hands of an expert on insurance policy changes, and you will eliminate the need to hire and train a new employee for the work.

Eligibility & Benefit Verification

Our company recognizes a need for this service as well as the need for dental office staff to concentrate on patient care. AnnexMed will obtain all the required information so that dental office personnel can devote more time to patient care.

Credentialing Services

We have established reputable relationships and network with most insurance companies, which we leverage to obtain expedient turnaround times in network participation approvals.

Insurance Billing Services

Our highly-trained professionals specialize in providing Insurance Billing and Collection services. We eliminate operational stress and facilitate you to focus on providing the best patient experience.

Outsourcing Coding and Billing allows your practice to focus on providing quality dental care.

Integrated Revenue Cycle Management Solutions for Hospital & Healthcare Systems

Today’s hospitals and healthcare systems need the best financial management solutions available. Solutions that help you drive meaningful change in clinical outcomes, care delivery, operational performance, and patient satisfaction. We can help improve your financial performance and promote patient engagement and wellness.

Healthcare providers are under pressure to improve the quality of care while simultaneously facing declining reimbursements, increased risks, and margin pressure. For many healthcare organizations, maximizing revenue cycle efficiency and improving the areas of medical billing, coding, and accounts receivable management are paramount to achieving the goals defined by healthcare reform. AnnexMed can improve your organization’s cash flow and sustain results by leveraging best practices, technology, and education.

Customized  solutions and real results to hospitals and health systems.


For many healthcare organizations, maximizing revenue cycle efficiency and improving the areas of medical billing, coding, and accounts receivable management are paramount to achieving the goals defined by healthcare reform. AnnexMed RCM services offer a true partnership for our clients, a shared responsibility and accountability, and proves that we are invested in our clients’ success beyond any of our competitors.

Patient Access Services

Improving the patient experience begins with a defined patient access strategy. Our patient access services help hospitals and physicians assess and improve the financial health of their organization from the start of the revenue cycle.

Clinical Revenue Integrity

Our credentialed professionals identify and correct coding inaccuracies resulting from a system, procedural or compliance challenges. Our analysis and robust reporting serve as the foundation for training, and the catalyst for internal process change

AR Management

AnnexMed has a comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved in billing government payers, and we are able to leverage this knowledge to benefit hospital managers in a variety of ways, including claims resolution for Medicare, Medicaid and Veterans Administration.

Empower Innovation for
Health Insurance

Today’s dynamic market and regulatory environment create numerous challenges and opportunities for payer leaders to manage and evolve their organizations to succeed. As major trends reshape the industry—from the rise of consumerism and the transition to value-based care to continual cost pressure, we are committed to partnering with payer leaders to help you navigate and achieve your goals.

AnnexMed healthcare capabilities enable payers to improve profitability, using flexible, nimble and responsive solutions. Our proven solutions and delivery models have helped top healthcare clients address their most demanding challenges. Our broad and differentiated solutions position us to address payers’ strategic and operational priorities in the pursuit of healthcare transformation that will benefit all.


The Healthcare Payers are undergoing a sea change resulting from healthcare reform and consumerism. Factors like excess administrative healthcare costs and increased competition from providers call for adopting emerging technologies. AnnexMed’s specialized offerings help customers to tide over these changes and reduce the pressure of the healthcare reform.

Medical Coding Services

We deliver value-added services in Retrospective / Prospective chart review, chart audit, HEDIS abstraction and RADV audit that enable payers to significantly improve revenue, reduce error rates and cost.

Claims Management

We provide solutions for claims re-pricing and adjudication which includes members eligibility verification, provider contract verification required for claims processing, verification of codes to spot bundling issues & duplicate claims.

Member and Provider Management

Our service includes posting daily enrollments files to CMS, receiving and taking action on the TRR files. For provider matching, provider updates or facility update maintenance, AnnexMed has a well-established and proven process in place for every client.

Create more efficient process and increase productivity.


AnnexMed is committed to partnering with clients to ensure physician groups and hospitals have customizable solutions that help achieve better patient outcomes. Our experienced team offers a variety of services and support to help organizations achieve their goals.

The expertise of our management team along with our proactive communications, latest technology, and proven processes provides an off-shore partner that your organization can rely upon – now and in the future.

The results we achieve for our clients consistently exceed industry standards, and our communications will enable you to gain insights into the operation, growth, and profitability of your business.

Regardless of the size of your practice or your area of specialty, we will deliver service that will enhance your revenues and assist you in making your practice more successful.