Affordable and Innovative Healthcare IT solutions for Medical Groups


AnnexMed’s healthcare-focused IT solutions support the day-to-day operations of hospitals, medical practices, and other healthcare facilities while empowering them to do what they do best. Our software division provides innovative technology to deal with the complexities of revenue cycle management and work flow management designed to improve the efficiency and financial health of your practice.

From Practice Management/Patient Intake/Mobile Apps to Work flow management tools, AnnexMed understands that the technology needs, infrastructure and proficiency of each client is different. Whether you are a hospital, physician practice or a third-party billing service, we combine our healthcare industry expertise with Best-of-Breed technologies to enhance interoperability, scalability and adaptability with your existing infrastructure investments.

Medcubics – Practice Management

Patient Intake App

Charge Capture App

Mobile Apps

Workflow Management

Practice Management Software that gets you Paid More with Less Work

Easy and intuitive, AnnexMed’s PM software features are proven to streamline workflow with all the tools you need to make billing, scheduling, collections & managing your practice more convenient, intuitive & productive. As the industry transitions to value-based care models, new solutions are required to enable collaboration, engage patients and manage costs.

Our highly skilled healthcare IT experts are committed to stay on top of the changes that occur in the healthcare industry to create the most strategically sound IT environments for our clients. See how your practice can benefit financially and operationally with AnnexMed’s PM…  the proven practice management software.


Medcubics, a cloud-based practice management software gives you all the tools you need to manage your claims process in one place and to ensure that your claims management and patient billing process run smoothly every time. The power of the cloud gives you access to your practice on any computer or mobile device.

Claims Management

Claims center is a centralized platform that helps you manage the entire claims process, from charge capture to full reimbursement. Less hassle, more revenue.

A/R Control Center

Our A/R control center offers everything you need to identify & correct inefficiencies & A/R issues so you can collect balances faster. Collect more – much more.

Reporting & Benchmarking

Our reporting insights help us to make data-driven, strategic decisions. Identify areas of improvement & pinpoint opportunities for revenue growth.

Scheduling, billing and financial reporting software that makes managing your practice easier than ever..

Creating an Ideal and Secure Intake Experience for your Clients

A modern, tailored intake experience designed to gather the right information, engage patients in their care and give you the capacity to do more of what matters in your organization. Reduces paperwork, improves record keeping, saves time and money by automating your intake process.

Optimizing, planning and impressing are the key elements of our intake process where you receive your client’s intake in advance, prevents surprises and gives you enough time to prepare. Also, it delights your clients with the beautiful electronic forms and increases patient satisfaction.

Intuitive screens enable patients of all ages to enter information and completed intake..


Patients can verify and update demographic and insurance information, complete clinical and assessment forms, electronically sign consent documents and make payments against co-pays and outstanding balances. Say goodbye to paper patient intake forms.

Appointment List

Patients pre-register before their visit or when they arrive for their appointment. It allows manage registration exceptions and sets reminders with customized messaging.

Client Notes & Profile

Our powerful form engine helps update clinical and demographic information and you can see intakes, progress notes and appointments all in a single place.

Secure Messaging Portal

Our HIPAA compliant messaging portal allows you to safely exchange messages and documents with your clients.

Charge Capture App Improves Patient Care and makes Doctors Happy

Charge capture allows physicians to record information on their services anytime, anywhere. It extends the practice to the hospital and the hospital back to the practice, so providers can stay on top of everything in real-time and communicate efficiently from their smartphones and tablets.

Mobile charge capture replaces paper or other inefficient systems with intuitive software that can be used anytime, anywhere. Our team is committed to developing the best charge capture solution on the market and providing superior customer service.


Charge capture saves time and records patient diagnoses and procedures at the point of care. Charges instantly sync to your Medcubics account from anywhere, saving time and paperwork. Physicians using Medcubics charge capture App are increasing their efficiency, ROI, and quality of patient care in a time.

Charge Capture

It provides the ability to add procedures, diagnosis codes, and the capability to reorder a charge slip, change units and add modifiers.

Code Sets

The app refines your CPT/ICD-10 search by laterality, disease process, treatment, whether a code carries a sex or age edit, is covered by Medicare or contains bundled procedures.

Store & Forward Technology

The application is fully functional when out of wireless or cellular coverage and synchronize later when you have Wi-Fi or cell service.

Intuitive screens enable patients of all ages to enter information and completed intake..

How Healthcare Mobile Apps connect Doctors and Patients

Constantly growing medical requirements have been the biggest reason for the evolution of healthcare mobility solutions.  Mobile Apps have allowed patients to improve & manage their health by gathering information about health symptoms and notifying doctors for appropriate consultation & treatment.

Patients can easily book appointments though a mobile app. A mobile app provides easy connectivity and helps build better patient-physician relationships and allows patients to easily give feedback. With the growing demand, Medcubics provides customized mobile healthcare solutions for doctors.

Take productivity and patient care with you anytime, anywhere..


Using cloud-based technology, you’ll have mobile access to medical data from any location, any time you need it. No special equipment is required ― authorized users can login securely from any web-enabled device ― including iPhone, Android, laptop or tablet.


Control your schedule: add and edit appointments, schedule for single or multiple providers, and manage multiple locations.

Patient List

Manage all of your patients – search for existing patients or add new patients, review patient records, and view demographics.

For Billing

Follow all of your claims from claim submission to payment posting. Stay on top of your billing, understand your productivity, and track your performance with Billing Analytics.

Why Work Flow Management is Important to your Practice?

Optimizing your practice operations and workflow is not nearly as difficult as you might think, but it requires the right set of knowledge and tools. Having a well-organized and consistently administered protocol also allows practices to better forecast revenue and cash flow.

Technology Will Help You Reach and Grow Your Practice. Productivity metrics and KPI tracking with the objective of being able to efficiently manage the process and improve productivity. Among the many best practices that AnnexMed has implemented for effective process management, the proprietary tool Process Management System (PMS) is a standing testimony to the commitment to quality.


Annexmed optimizes your revenue cycle operations as we collaborate with you using our powerful work flow engine – Billinglog – that enables results through engagement and business intelligence. Thereby helps all of us achieve a clear view of performance metrics and make informed decisions.

Operational Dashboard

With the click of a button you can drill down data metrics such as productivity, attendance, TAT, quality control %, accuracy delivered, etc to gain insights on performance to enable better decision making.

Revenue Cycle Services Work Flow & Reporting

Our workflow tool allows us to manage the flow of work in our revenue cycle operations center, while collaborating with you by providing real-time reports on the status of the work sent to us.

RCM Business Intelligence

We push volumes of revenue cycle data from the PM system into our revenue cycle dashboard to create a shared understanding of KPIs, determine focus areas and develop a road map for revenue cycle transformation.

Take productivity and patient care with you anytime, anywhere..


Our financial management tools are expressly designed for the unique needs of physicians. In addition, a whole suite of analytics can be performed to better understand process performance. As is the case with AnnexMed services, our PMS software is customizable to the unique needs of each client.

Also, our proprietary software effectively tracks SLAs, ensures higher accuracy levels, and increases productivity. The software also affords significant reduction in turnaround time with higher operational control and better time management. We are in a position to provide complete transparency to our clients with our online 24×7 real-time dashboards with customized reporting and analysis metrics.

The software is an integral part of our service offering and is included at no charge to our customers. To keep pace with the remarkably swift strides that technology is making, we are constantly investing in it by enhancing our expertise and knowledge resources.