Engagement, Growth and Success. Strategic partnerships that power your businesses

Partnering for success.. Is more than just a saying “It’s what we do”

Building a business is about building relationships with other partners who can help you and your customers be more successful. You can choose to sell, consult, collaborate or integrate with us depending on what is best aligned with your business.

AnnexMed understand the importance of industry partnerships. Our partners are key to the overall success of our business. Join a community of recognized leaders and provide your customers with industry best solutions.

Your success is our success

AnnexMed, partnership program is designed to give healthcare providers the ability to work directly with a preferred, single-source, local business — one with whom they can develop a strong ongoing relationship at one place for all their business needs.

Although our strategic vision is to deliver exceptional care, we perceived an increased need to deliver it through a scaled infrastructure, not only through back office and corporate services, but by also participating in more innovative and creative contracting opportunities. Our partners provide a complete network of resources that focus on technology, business and healthcare matters.


AnnexMed is pleased to maintain collaborative and profitable partnerships with each of the following respected organizations in the industry. By working with these companies, we are able to expand the range of services we offer each client, and our partners are in turn given access to clients they might not otherwise have engaged. We are always on the lookout for relevant new partnership opportunities. If you are interested in learning more about the advantages of becoming an AnnexMed strategic partner, be sure to contact us.

Founded on the vision for a better healthcare system, Mingle Analytics has established itself as an industry leader in Medicare quality reporting. As our healthcare system moves toward value-based purchasing, the Mingle Analytics team will help you make sense of the complex maze of incentives and penalties and succeed with Medicare quality reporting including PQRS and MIPS under the new Quality Payment Program.

RM Health Solutions is a leading provider of revenue cycle management services to healthcare service providers in the United States. RM Health Solutions is achieving its goal of increasing revenue for clients through optimized billing processes, cost reductions, and effective practice management implementation. RM Health Solutions understands the growing need for true revenue cycle management in healthcare today and has dedicated itself to developing new ideas and products to meet those needs.

Choosing the
Right Affiliation

Today’s rapidly evolving healthcare market is leading to numerous changes and consider affiliating with right associations would be key to our future success. The decision to affiliate and choosing a partner are likely to be among the most important decisions leadership can make. We at AnnexMed evaluate our strategic vision and business imperatives and then extend our comprehensive partnership with reputed associations.  It is more than important to look for synergies and associations with potential partners horizontally and vertically.


AnnexMed is an active member of several associations that work to benefit the industries we serve. Our goal is to continue developing our services and products to meet the needs of our customers as well as to expand our comprehension of the business issues they face. We believe our affiliation with key industry associations can further that goal. As a leader in the healthcare industry, AnnexMed is proud of our affiliation with the following groups:


Our proprietary software effectively tracks SLAs, ensures higher accuracy levels, and increases the productivity of each one of our partners. Developed in-house by AnnexMed and tailored to the needs of each client, these software applications also afford significant reductions in turnaround time, yield higher operational control, and result in improved time management. We are in a position to provide complete transparency to our clients with our online 24×7 real-time dashboards with customized reporting and analysis metrics.