A New Financial Horizon with Uncommon Results


Stable monthly costs are important for effective business management and proper planning. Yes, it’s important to evolve with the times and embrace technologies in order to remain competitive, but this must be balanced against the need to stabilize and streamline operating costs whenever possible.

If your monthly costs are out of control, or simply not aligned with revenue, it hinders your ability to move forward. Growth and innovation pose some risks – higher expenses – as well as offering opportunities. If you manage coding and billing in-house, you carry the risk of increasing overhead costs: for investments in new technology, recruitment and retention of the right employees, as well as the burden of having less time to devote to marketing your services and possibly less time to focus on your #1 task – patient care.

Resourcing your Business’ Revenue Cycle Management for Efficiency and Growth

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is not just a capability, it’s a necessity. Nearly every organization knows they must optimize their revenue cycle process. In fact, most rank it as a top priority. But, despite their best intentions, many of these organizations struggle to meet the challenge. AnnexMed, as leading RCM specialists, can help.

Our RCM outsourcing services help you streamline operations, maximize financial performance, and positively contribute to your organization’s long-term success. We accomplish this by addressing the severe margin pressure from shrinking reimbursements, healthcare reform, and delivery system re-design, as merging systems become strategic challenges.


Our partnerships with clients go far beyond a transaction mindset. AnnexMed understands the competitive landscape of today’s healthcare as well as various organizational strategies that have proved effective. We work to deliver improvement not just in isolated functions, but across the entire revenue cycle. Through our commitment to precise execution, collaboration, transparency, accountability, and actionable insights, we are able to establish productive billing operations that make full use of the functionality the latest technology provides.


Outsourcing has always promised to help the balance sheet and decrease operating expenses; however, not all outsourcing organizations can claim equal benefits. While low capital expenditures and operating costs are important, how your outsourced partners get there matters.

At AnnexMed, proper execution is our forte. We understand how to effectively implement and on-board, how to contract (e.g., risk-based, service-level agreements), and how to position IT capabilities to repurpose internal talent to benefit your organization.

AnnexMed has a demonstrated record of accomplishment, proven experience, and team dedicated to fostering growth, efficiency, financial prosperity, and long-term success for every one of our clients. The outsourcing services we provide have consistently helped hospitals and physicians’ groups streamline their operations and optimize their financial performance contributing to their growth.