Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare Analytics

Comprehensive Healthcare Analytics Solutions with demonstrable benefits and value at significantly lower cost.

Analytics gives you the tools you need to turn your organization’s data into actionable intelligence!

Analytics services gives you deeper visibility into your organization than ever before, so you can closely monitor performance and make data-driven decisions to improve it. With hundreds of insightful metrics—financial, operational, and clinical—at your fingertips, you’ll get answers to your questions fast — so you can act fast.

Analytics services gives you deeper visibility into your organization than ever before, so you can closely monitor performance and make data-driven decisions to improve it.

Risk Analytics

Insightful Metrics

Predictive Analysis

Performance Reporting

Ad-hoc Reporting Analysis

Process Measures & Audits

Discover Data. Drive Intelligence. Up-skill Decisions

In today’s competitive healthcare landscape, health analytics competency is more important than ever. We help healthcare organizations integrate and unlock the power of clinical, operational, financial and claims data to deliver meaningful insights on clinical and business performance that enables their improvement and transformation to value-based reimbursement models.

AnnexMed gives hospitals and other healthcare organizations a powerful, end-to-end business analytics solution to prepare, analyze and visualize complex data.

Our Certified professionals provide robust and flexible analytic solutions and services
that transform data into actionable insights

Risk Analytics

Advanced risk analytics has become a necessity for providers. We help them predict and mitigate risks and improve revenue.

We translate ever-increasing amount of data into actionable business intelligence.

Insightful Metrics

Physician Metrics are monitored which allows you to focus on managing the critical components of your revenue cycle.

Metrics – AR days, First pass rate, Net collections, denial rate

Predictive Analysis

End-to-end information management, billing strategies, to help providers make smarter revenue cycle management decision.

This results in higher profitability, reduced costs, improved quality of care, and a maximized ROI on the provider’s efforts.

Performance Reporting

Detailed performance reports that will help you to manage your practice and be fully informed about how your practice performs.

KPI reports – Gross charges, receipts and adjustments, AR by aging  to monitor status and practice financial performance.

Ad-hoc Reporting Analysis

Ad-hoc reports like denial analysis, service analysis etc. help the leadership & clinical staff to resolve challenges.

Our BI team help our clients enhance overall decision-making capability of their healthcare organization.

Process Measure and Audits

Helping providers to identify consistent patterns of coding and
billing errors.

We enhance your medical coding and billing processes through a systematic, continuous, and comprehensive audit.

Delivering Robust and Flexible Unified Data Analytics Solutions

AnnexMed uses the right combination of industry and operations consulting expertise, operations management, analytics, automation, process re-engineering and Six Sigma methodologies to deliver smarter operational solutions.

Combined with thorough data preparation, AnnexMed uses advanced machine learning and ensembling technique for performance improvement. Design and implementation of operational transparency via development of KPIs, dashboards and governance frameworks across key paths.

Service Highlights

A convergence of data, technology, and analytics, our suite of solutions leverages another important element—human expertise. From real-time claims editing to fraud detection and prevention, we employ a unique process that drives results.

  • Broad Healthcare Domain Expertise
  • Deep Technology Experience
  • Minimize denials and mitigate audit risk
  • Overcoming reimbursement-based challenges
  • Operational and Clinical Quality Improvement
  • Daily snapshot of clinical and financial data
  • Benchmark comparisons by facility, physician etc
  • Data-driven approach for reimbursement changes
  • Predictive analytics increase the accuracy of diagnoses